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Understanding Online Learning



Your online learning environment, Canvas, will be used for all your courses, both face-to-face and online. Canvas is the place you go to access your courses, submit assignments and communicate with your instructors and peers.


To obtain information about how to access Canvas and update/change a password, visit the eLearning Resources page. Please note that you will need to claim your account prior to accessing Canvas. 

Guide to Online Learning

This Guide to Online Learning (self-enroll) was designed to give you a sample experience of an online course offered in the online learning environment. This online preview includes information on the online environment (i.e. Canvas), online tools, as well as resources and tips for being a better student at Mines regardless of whether you choose to take online courses. This is only a sample, once you start taking online courses, you will notice that every course is a little different. Differences in courses are due to the different instructor expertise and course design. For example, courses in the Computer Science department will look different from those in the Space Resources department.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Work with many of the common tools used in the online environment
  • Explore common areas found in an online classroom
  • Understand and correct many of the issues new students face when entering the online environment for the first time
  • Familiarize yourself with the online environment prior to beginning your online courses
  • Earn a Helluva Online Student badge



  • Occur 100% online unless otherwise required by the instructor or program
  • Require the same amount of time and level of commitment for studying and assignment completion as on-campus courses
  • Offer the flexibility to pursue an education from home or other off-campus locations


  • Blend online and on-campus delivery methods
  • Reduce seat time with a large portion of the content being delivered online


Online and hybrid courses are offered during the fall/spring (8-weeks) and summer (6- or 8-weeks) semesters. It is important to note that all courses have been developed to meet specific learning objectives regardless of the length of the semester.

General Resources

students studying at table


Tutoring, Writing Center, Library, bookstore, software access and more.

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Tech help, Disability Services, Career Services, Veteran Services, Blastercard, counseling and more.

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Online student organizations, alumni connections, Dean of Students and more.