Brandon Dugan

Associate Department Head
Professor, Geophysics
Baker Hughes Chair in Petrophysics and Borehole Geophysics

Mines Geophysics Associate Department Head  Brandon Dugan


  • Ph.D., 2003, geosciences, Penn State University
  • B.GeoE., 1997, geoengineering, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Research Interests

  • Geomechanical and petrophysical properties of mud and shale
  • Fluid flow and slope stability in sedimentary basins
  • Fluids, faults, and megathrust earthquakes
  • Unconventional freshwater resources
  • Hydrologic impacts of charcoal on soil

Recent Publications (last 5 years)

Refereed Journal Papers (*student group member, **student collaborator)

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Reviewed Reports, Chapters, and Conference Papers (*student group member, **student collaborator)

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