Kadri Dagdelen

Professor, Mining Engineering

Kadri Dagdelen


  • Colorado School of Mines Ph.D. Mining Engineering, 1985 Geostatistics; Mine planning and optimization
  • M.Sc. Mining Engineering, 1979 Mine planning and computer simulation
  • B.Sc. Mining Engineering, 1976
  • L’ecoledes Mines de Paris Master of Engineering (equivalent), Geostatistics, 1981

Academic Appointments and Responsibilities

1992 – Present: Colorado School of Mines
Mining Engineering Department Professor

Courses include:

  • MNGN300 – Summer Field Session
  • MNGN312 – Surface Mine Design
  • MNGN433 – Mine Systems Analysis
  • MNGN438 – Introduction to Geostatistics
  • MNGN512 – Surface Mine Design
  • MNGN523 – Selected Topic
  • MNGN530 – Introduction to Computer Applications in Mining
  • MNGN538 – Geostatistical Ore Reserve Estimation
  • MNGN539 – Advanced Geostatistics
  • MNGN536 – Advanced Operations Research Applications in Mining Engineering

Recently Completed Research

  • Have actively participated in 12 public and privately sponsored research and/or development programs related to mining.
  • 2003 – 2005 PI, Development of Highwall Monitoring System, Kennecott Energy Company
  • 2005 – 2006 PI, Development of Truck Proximity Warning System for Open Pit Mines, Newmont Mining Company
  • 2001 – 2006 PI, Integration of GPS, RFID, Radar and Video Camera technology into an integrated Proximity Warning System, NIOSH
  • 2005-2006 PI, Open Pit Mine Strategic Planning and Optimization, Newmont Mining Company, Phelps Dodge and Placer Dome

Professional Experience

  • 1985-1992: Homestake Mining Company, Golden, Colorado

    Manager – Technical Systems

    Responsible for coordinating and supporting technical computing activities for ore reserve estimation, geostatistics, mine planning and ore control functions of U.S. Mine Operations. Performed studies investigating sources of discrepancies seen between geostatistically estimated ounces and actual mine production. Estimated ore reserves by lognormal kriging, reviewed mine plans and economic analysis. Geostatistically optimized and designed with project geologist the optimum placement of 75,000 Ft. of the core hole drilling for the Rack River 1991 exploration program. Directed the software development as well as designed and wrote technical systems which resulted in a) software used for 3-Dimensional ore target evaluation for underground mining at the Homestake mine in Lead, South Dakota; b) software used for geochemical exploration in the reconnaissance of gold deposit by the Exploration group.

    Senior Mine Planning Engineer
    Designed and wrote a more efficient Data Base Management, Geologic Mapping, Ore Reserve estimation and Pit Design-Scheduling software that resulted in better ore reserve predictions and more accurate maps. Designed and developed a computer based interactive short term planning system at the McLaughlin mine. This new system replaced the manual ore control practices with a more efficient optimizing system that not only allowed analysis of multiple ore- waste boundary design scenarios for daily production decisions but also reduced the planning time by half. The blasthole management system consists of 10 thousand lines of Fortran, and LISP routines and includes: Computer programs to electronically capture, manage and transmit gold assay information at the McLaughlin assay laboratory; a blasthole management system for blasthole survey data reduction, assay merging and plotting software; and a graphical user interface, and interactive ore-waste boundary design optimization software.

    Mine Planning Engineer
    Designed and developed a series of computer programs for geostatistical deposit modeling and recoverable reserve estimation which were used to build a comprehensive geostatistical block model for the McLaughlin Gold Deposit. Designed and developed sectional geologic reserve modeling programs that provided the most reliable reserve estimates for the McLaughlin type vein controlled gold mineralization. Designed and developed computer programs to create economic block models for deposits that contain multiple ore types requiring multiple metallurgical processes. Trained geologists and mine engineers at the mine site in using these programs for estimating mineable ore reserves for annual budgeting and planning. Designed and developed computer programs to optimize open pit designs. These programs are used at the McLaughlin mine to investigate multiple development schedules which optimized cash flows. The programs served as the basis for an optimization study that resulted in a $25 million McLaughlin mine and mill expansion.

Honors & Awards (2000 – present)

  • Distinguished Service Award, Minerals & Exploration, SME, 2006
  • Service to Professional Societies & Organizations (2005/2006)
  • SME Board member (2002-2006), SME M&E Division, Executive Committee Member (2000-2006)
  • Current Professional Organization Memberships (2005/2006)
  • Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (SME)
  • Professional Publications, Presentations & Short-courses
  • Author of 38 technical publications, 4 (technical manuals, books, or theses). Presenter of 52 (technical meetings/conference, short-courses, training)


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