Online Programs and Courses

Last update: July 12, 2021


Approved Programs
These programs have been approved through the Mines Program Approval process (Department, Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, and Board of Trustees) and by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), our regional accreditor:
Advanced Manufacturing
Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)Certificate12
Computer Science Professional
CyberSecurity for Cyber Physical Systems
Data Center Engineering (postponed)
Data Science: Business Analytics
Certificate 9
Data Science: Computer Science Certificate
Data Science: Earth Resources
Data Science: Foundations
Data Science: Petroleum Data Analytics
Data Science: Statistical Learning
Certificate 9
Environmental Model
Certificate 12
FEA Professional
Masters - Non-Thesis30
GIS/Geoinformatics: Environmental Studies
GIS/Geoinformatics: Geohazards Evaluation
GIS/Geoinformatics: Geospatial Information Technology
GIS/Geoinformatics: Natural Resources Assessment
Humanitarian Engineering and Science
Certificate 9
Mining Engineering and ManagementMasters - Non-Thesis 33
Petroleum Geophysics
Product Management
Certificate 9
Smart Manufacturing
Space ResourcesPh.D.
Masters - Non-Thesis
Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering Certificate 10


Approved Courses

The courses below have been through the 12-week online course development process and the course review process using the Mines Online Course Development Standards:

CourseTitleFaculty Designer
AMFG401/501Introduction to Additive ManufacturingCraig Brice
AMFG422/522Statistical Process Control and LEAN ManufacturingJenifer Blacklock
AMFG521Design for Additive ManufacturingTony Petrella
AMFG531Materials for Additive ManufacturingCraig Brice
AMFG591Economic Considerations for Advanced Manufacturing (elective)Brian Rosenberg
AMFG592Additive Manufacturing Preprocessing (elective)Garrison Hommer
CBEN200 Computational Methods in Chemical EngineeringJason Ganley
CEEN523Underground Construction Engineering in Soft GroundMike Mooney
CHM198aEnergetics General Chemistry IDavid Wu
CSCI102Introduction to Python - Lab (possibly Fall 2021)Christine Liebe
CSCI261Programming ConceptsJeff Paone
CSCI262Data StructuresWendy Fisher
CSCI303/DSCI403Introduction to Data ScienceWendy Fisher
CSCI306Software EngineeringMark Baldwin
CSCI470Introduction to Machine LearningWendy Fisher
CSCI560Fundamentals of Computer NetworksQi Han
CSCI585Information Security and PrivacyChuan Yue
EBGN000Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods(short course)Andrew Pederson
EBGN201Principles of EconomicsScott Houser
EBGN321/504Engineering Economics EvaluationAndrew Pederson
EBGN425/525Business AnalyticsTulay Flamand
EBGN553Project ManagementDavid Culbreath
EBGN563Management of TechSid Saleh
EBGN576Managing and Marketing New Product DevelopmentsSid Saleh
EDNS315Engineering for Social and Environmental ResponsibilityGreg Rulifson
EDNS479Community-Based ResearchJessica Smith
EDNS577Adv Eng & Sust Comm DevJuan Lucena
EEGN519Estimation Theory and Kalman Filtering (Hybrid)Tyrone Vincent
ENGY200Introduction to Energy (Hybrid)Xerxes Steirer
FEGN525Advanced FEA Theory & PracticeTony Petrella
FEGN526Static & Dynamic Applications in FEAStephen Geer
FEGN527Nonlinear Applications in FEATony Petrella
FEGN528FEA for Advanced Design ApplicationsTony Petrella
GEGN351Geological Fluid MechanicsLisa Gallagher and Reed Maxwell
GEOL410Planetary GeologyWood and Musso
GEOL557Earth Resource Data Science I – FundamentalsZane Jobe
GEOL558Earth Resource Data Science II – ApplicationsZane Jobe
GPGN 458/558Quantitative seismic interpretationAli Tura
GPGN 519Advanced Formation EvaluationBrandon Dugan
GPGN 661Advanced seismologyIlya Tsvankin
GPGN/PEGN547Physics and Mechanics of RocksMonica Prasad
HASS201Workshop Foundations: The Art and Craft of Creative WritingSeth Tucker
HASS323Introduction to Science CommunicationCortney Holles
HASS423Advanced Science Communication Cortney Holles
HASS441/541African DevelopmentDerrick Hudson
MATH112Calculus IIBecky Swanson, Mike Nicholas
MATH201Probability and Statistics for EngineersAshlyn Munson
MATH213Calculus IIIMike Mikucki, Deb Carney, and Holly Ecklund
MATH225Differential EquationsJennifer Strong, Scott Strong, Holly Ecklund
MATH530Advance StatisticsSoutir Bandyopadhyay
MEGN324 Intro to Finite Element AnalysisStephen Geer
MLGN598Materials Science Graduate Lab Module (Hybrid)Xerxes Stierer
MNGN546Health and SafetyJurgen Brune
MNGN547Geology and MiningAndrew Schissler
MNGN548Integrated Information and Mine Systems ManagementSebnem Duzgun
MNGN551Mine AccountingPaul Zink
MNGN553Mine Design and Operation PlanningBarb Filas
MNGN554Mine FinancePaul Zink
MNGN555Mine Investment EvaluationAmy Jacobsen/Rob Cameron
MNGN557Mineral Economics and PolicyPaul Zink
MNGN558Mineral ProcessingErik Spiller
MNGN561Project ManagementRobin Bullock
MNGN562Environmental and Social ResponsibilityBarbara Filas
MNGN563Water, Waste and ClosureVan Zyl and Gabora
MNGN598Geospatial Big Data AnalyticsSebnem Duzgun
ORWE598 Optimal Planning of Manufacturing OperationsAlexandria Newman
PEGN000Petroleum Super School (short course)Jennifer Miskimins
PEGN361CompletionsJorge Sampaio
PEGN419LoggingMansur Ermila
PEGN423Petroleum Reservoir Engineering I Luis Zerpa
PEGN522Advanced Well StimulationJennifer Miskimins
PEGN551Petroleum Data AnalysisJim Crompton
PEGN552Petroleum Data Analytics ApplicationsJim Crompton
SPRS501Space Resources FundamentalsChristopher Dryer
SPRS502Space Systems EngineeringGeorge Sowers
SPRS503Space Resources Graduate SeminarAngel Madrid
SPRS504Economics of Space ResourcesIan Lange
SPRS505Space Operations Laura Maginnis
SPRS506International Space Law and PolicyAndrea Harrington
SPRS591Space Resources Design and Analysis Course IChristopher Dryer
SPRS592Space Resources Design and Analysis Course IIChristopher Dryer
SPRS598cAdvanced Planetary GeologyKevin Cannon
SYGN501Research Skills for Graduate StudentsRoel Snieder

Visit the Dynamic Schedule and search for “Distance Courses” to see a list of upcoming courses by term. For a comprehensive list of online courses under development, please reach out to Jennifer Veloff (, Online Programs Manager.

Completed Required Training

Engineering and Facilitating Online Learning

The following faculty completed the Engineering and Facilitating Online Learning course:

Abbud Madrid, AngelSpace Resources
Adams, DanielPhysics
Arkadan, AbdulrahmanElectrical Engineering
Bach, JoelMechanical Engineering
Baldwin, MarkComputer Science
Bandyopadhyay, SoutirApplied Math & Statistics
Barankin, MichaelChemical & Biological Engineering
Battalora, LindaPetroleum Engineering
Blacklock, JeniferMechanical Engineering
Brice, CraigAdvanced Manufacturing
Bridgman, TerryApplied Math & Statistics
Brune, JürgenMining Engineering
Buhrer, ElizaHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Bullock, RobinEngineering Design & Society
Cannon, KevinGeology & Geological Engineering
Carney, DebraApplied Math & Statistics
Crompton, JamesPetroleum Engineering
Culbreth, DavidEconomics & Business
Cullison, JonathanHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Dahl, CarolEconomics & Business
DiCarlo, JenniferAdmin
Dreyer, ChristopherSpace Resources
Dugan, BrandonGeophysics
Duzgun, SebnemMining Engineering
Eklund, HollyApplied Math & Statistics
Eranki, PragnyaCivil & Environmental Engineering
Ermila, MansurPetroleum Engineering
Eustes, AlfredPetroleum Engineering
Fan, YilinPetroleum Engineering
Farca, PaulaHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Figueroa, LindaCivil & Environmental Engineering
Filas, BarbaraMining Engineering
Fisher, WendyComputer Science
Flamand, TulayEconomics & Business
Fleckenstein, WillPetroleum Engineering
Forland, AdamOther
Gabora, MichaelMining Engineering
Gallagher, LisaGeology & Geological Engineering
Ganley, JasonChemical & Biological Engineering
Gardner, TracyChemical & Biological Engineering
Geer, StephenMechanical Engineering
Greivel, GerraldApplied Math & Statistics
Grimm, DavidCivil & Environmental Engineering
Guerra, AndresCivil & Environmental Engineering
Hammerling, DoritApplied Math & Statistics
Han, QiComputer Science
Handorean, AlinaEngineering Design & Society
Harman, KatherineMining Engineering
Haupt, RandyElectrical Engineering
Hoff, WilliamComputer Science
Holles, CortneyHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Holley, JeffreyCivil & Environmental Engineering
Hommer, GarrisonMechanical Engineering
Houser, ScottEconomics & Business
Hudson, DerekHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Jackson, GregoryMechanical Engineering
Jacobsen, AmyMining Engineering
Jin, GeGeophysics
Jobe, ZaneGeology & Geological Engineering
Kappes, BrandenAdvanced Manufacturing
King, JeffreyMetallurgical & Materials Engineering
Klein, JudithChemistry
Klimek, RobertHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Kohl, PatrickPhysics
Kroepsch, AdrianneHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Kuhr, WernerEconomics & Business
Kuiper, YvetteGeology & Geological Engineering
Lafrancois, BeckyEconomics & Business
Lamberson, LeslieMechanical Engineering
Lammars, HeatherMining Engineering
Landis, AmyCivil & Environmental Engineering
Lange, IanEconomics & Business
Leach, PatrickEconomics & Business
Liebe, ChristineComputer Science
Liu, HongyanCivil & Environmental Engineering
Lucena, JuanEngineering Design & Society
Maginnis, LauraSpace Resources
Mancus, ShannonHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Mattjik, MirnaEngineering Design & Society
McClelland, CarrieHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
McCoy, KevinGeology & Geological Engineering
McCray, JohnCivil & Environmental Engineering
Mehta, DineshComputer Science
Mikucki, MikeApplied Math & Statistics
Miller, MarkPetroleum Engineering
Miskimins, JenniferPetroleum Engineering
Mohagheghi, SalmanElectrical Engineering
Mooney, MikeCivil & Environmental Engineering
Munakata Marr, JunkoCivil & Environmental Engineering
Munson, AshlynApplied Math & Statistics
Musso, MatthewGeology & Geological Engineering
Nakagawa, MasamiMining Engineering
Nayeri, PayamElectrical Engineering
Nelson, PriscillaMining Engineering
Newman, AlexandraMechanical Engineering
Newman, JohnMechanical Engineering
Nicholas, MikeApplied Math & Statistics
Norrgran, CynthiaChemical & Biological Engineering
Ohno, Timothy (Tim)Physics
Osgood, KennethHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Osgood, RachelHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Palin, RichardGeology & Geological Engineering
Panos, ChelseaCivil & Environmental Engineering
Paone, JeffreyComputer Science
Pederson, AndrewEconomics & Business
Petrella, AnthonyMechanical Engineering
Plink-Bjorklund, PiretGeology & Geological Engineering
Prasad, ManikaGeophysics
Rainer, ClemensPetroleum Engineering
Reddy, ElizabethEngineering Design & Society
Reeves, RobertMining Engineering
Rockett, AngusMetallurgical & Materials Engineering
Rosenberger, BrianAdvanced Manufacturing
Rostami, JamalMining Engineering
Rulifson, GregoryEngineering Design & Society
Ruskell, ToddPhysics
Saleh, SidEconomics & Business
Salinas, ChelseaEngineering Design & Society
Sampaio, JorgePetroleum Engineering
Sava, PaulGeophysics
Schissler, AndrewMining Engineering
Shaffer, JustinChemical & Biological Engineering
Shorey, ChristianGeology & Geological Engineering
Siegfried, MatthewGeophysics
Simoes, MarceloElectrical Engineering
Singha, KaminiGeology & Geological Engineering
Sloan, DendyChemical & Biological Engineering
Smith, JessicaEngineering Design & Society
Snieder, RoelAA
Sowers, GeorgeSpace Resources
Spiller, DonaldMining Engineering
Steirer, KennethPhysics
Stettler Kleine, MarieEngineering Design & Society
Strebinger, ClaireMechanical Engineering
Strong, JenniferApplied Math & Statistics
Strong, ScottApplied Math & Statistics
Sturgis, GeorgeMining Engineering
Swanson, RebeccaApplied Math & Statistics
Tsvankin, IlyaGeophysics
Tucker, SethHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Tura, AliGeophysics
Van Zyl, DirkMining Engineering
Vanderbeek, GregMechanical Engineering
Vincent, TyroneElectrical Engineering
Walton, GabrielGeology & Geological Engineering
Wang, HuaComputer Science
Wayllace, AlexandraCivil & Environmental Engineering
Williams, ThomasComputer Science
Wilson, WilliamMining Engineering
Wisnowski, JamesMechanical Engineering
Wong, JimMechanical Engineering
Woodson, SandyHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Yin, XiaolongPetroleum Engineering
Yue, ChuanComputer Science
Zerpa, LuisPetroleum Engineering
Zhou, WendyGeology & Geological Engineering
Zhu, QinHumanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS)
Zink, PaulMining Engineering
Reynolds, SusanCivil Engineering
Heeley, MichaelEconomics & Business
Herring, Andrew (Andy) Chemical & Biological Engineering
Idowu, Dorcas Geology and Geological Engineering
Koh, Carolyn Chemical & Biological Engineering
McFly, Shane Computer Science
Petrick, David
Mechanical Engineering
Read, Amelia
Computer Science
Tucker, Garritt Mechanical Engineering
Winters, Rick
Mining Engineering
Wood, Lesli Geology and Geological Engineering
Facilitating Online Learning

The following faculty completed the Facilitating Online Learning course:

Andrews, ElizabethGeology & Geological Engineering
Behnfield, DebbieAA
Benson, DavidGeology & Geological Engineering
Cath, TzahiCivil & Environmental Engineering
Cone, KimGeology & Geological Engineering
Doherty, MaryGeology & Geological Engineering
Domaille, DylanChemistry
Garris, RebekahApplied Math & Statistics
Gladkina, AnastasiaApplied Math & Statistics
Gravenor, StephanieEngineering Design & Society
Hedayat, RezaCivil & Environmental Engineering
Heeley, MichaelEconomics & Business
Holt, ValerieAA
Leiderman, KarinApplied Math & Statistics
Light, LeslieEngineering Design & Society
Maniloff, PeterEconomics & Business
Mann, DorothyComputer Science
Martin, ThomasGeology & Geological Engineering
Miller, RileyComputer Science
Moore, KevinEngineering Design & Society
Moses, JoshPhysics
Nieusma, DeanEngineering Design & Society
Pagenkopf, MaleighChemistry
Pfaff, KatharinaGeology & Geological Engineering
Rader, CyndiComputer Science
Romig, PhilComputer Science
Sawyer, Kalila
Applied Math & Statistics
Sonnenberg, StephenGeology & Geological Engineering
Spahr, KatieCivil & Environmental Engineering
Sparks, AthenaApplied Math & Statistics
Wakin, MikeElectrical Engineering
Wenham, HollyApplied Math & Statistics
Werner, BrettApplied Math & Statistics
Westhof, ChristianApplied Math & Statistics
Wood, LesliGeology & Geological Engineering
Worley, ChristopherEconomics & Business
Yoder, ToddApplied Math & Statistics
Zhang, RayMechanical Engineering

Trefny Center

Visit the Trefny Center website for information about the approval process, required training for teaching online, and the online course development process.