D.V. Griffiths

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
D.V. GriffithsDr. Griffiths’s research has focused on the following main areas of activity: (1) finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering and (2) risk assessment in geotechnical engineering and (3) petroleum geomechanics. He is the author of over 230 papers and 3 textbooks that have gone into multiple editions. He has written on numerous geotechnical applications, including settlement, seepage, consolidation, bearing capacity, earth pressure, slope stability and borehole stress analysis. His 1999 Géotechnique paper with P.A. Lane on slope stability analysis by finite elements, is one of the most highly cited research papers in the geotechnical engineering literature. Dr. Griffiths teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on geotechnical engineering topics in addition to numerical methods, finite elements and risk assessment.


Coolbaugh Hall 252
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  • BSc. University of Manchester, UK
  • MS University of California at Berkeley
  • PhD University of Manchester, UK
  • DSc University of Manchester, UK

Professional Memberships and Qualifications

  • P.E. (Colorado)
  • F.ASCE (Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers)
  • C.Eng. (Chartered Engineer, UK)
  • MICE (Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK)

Awards and Honors

Selected Publications

  • Griffiths, D.V. and Lane, P.A. “Slope stability analysis by finite elements.” Géotechnique, 49, no.3, pp.387-403, (1999)
  • Smith, I.M. and Griffiths, D.V. “Programming the Finite Element Method.” 4th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, New York (2004). Reprinted (2006, 2008). Under contract for a 5th edition.
  • Griffiths, D.V. and Smith, I.M. “Numerical Methods for Engineers.” 2nd edition, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press Inc., Boca Raton (2006)
  • Fenton, G.A. and Griffiths, D.V. “Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering”, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ (2008)
  • Griffiths, D.V., Huang, J. and Fenton, G.A “On the reliability of earth slopes in three dimensions.” Proc R Soc A, vol.465, issue 2110, pp.3145-3164 (2009)
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  • Griffiths, D.V., Huang, J. and Schiermeyer, R.P. “Elastic stiffness of straight-sided triangular finite elements by analytical and numerical integration.” Comm Num Meth Eng, vol.25, no.3, pp.247-262, (2009)
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  • Griffiths, D.V., Huang, J. and Fenton G.A.
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