Christopher Bellona

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christopher BellonaMy teaching and research interests primarily revolve around technologies for water and wastewater treatment, water reuse, and remediation. Particularly, I strive to use fundamental concepts to understand the behavior of large treatment systems. A large percentage of my research has been focused on potable wastewater reuse and the removal of organic contaminants from water and wastewater using advanced treatment processes. Past research projects include modeling the removal of contaminants by high-pressure membrane systems, evaluating nanofiltration as a replacement for reverse osmosis in potable reuse systems, and elucidating the cause and effects of fouling in membrane systems. I have been involved in the fabrication and evaluation of various membrane systems including ceramic and polymeric microfiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis membranes. Current research interests include advanced oxidation processes, anaerobic membrane bioreactor systems for the treatment of mixed wastes and the recovery of valuable constituents from various waste streams.

My teaching interests mirror my research activities and courses taught include aquatic chemistry, chemodynamics, hazardous waste management, physico-chemical treatment processes, and senior design.  Due to my strong interest in process engineering, my overarching goal is to provide students with the knowledge required to effectively design and operate treatment systems.


Coolbaugh Hall
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  • PhD Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2007
  • MS Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2003
  • BS Environmental Science, Western Washington University, 2000

Selected Publications

  • Liu, C.J., Warner, D., Bellona, C. (2019). Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) from Contaminated Groundwater using Granular Activated Carbon: A Pilot-Scale Study with Breakthrough Modeling. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, Advance Article.
  • Vatankhah, H., Riley, S.M., Murray, C., Quinones, O., Steirer, K., Dickenson, E.R.V., Bellona, C. (2019). Combination of ozone with granular activated carbon for removal of refractory micropollutants from wastewater effluent. Chemosphere, 234, 845-854
  • Vatankhah, H., Szczuka, A., Mitch, W. A., Almaraz, N., Brannum, J., Bellona, C. (2019). Evaluation of Enhanced Ozone–Biologically Active Filtration Treatment for the Removal of 1,4-Dioxane and Disinfection Byproduct Precursors from Wastewater Effluent. Environmental Science & Technology, 53, 2720-2730.
  • Murray, C.C., Vatankhah, H., McDonough, C.A., Nickerson, A., Hedkte, T., Cath, T., Higgins, C.P., Bellona, C. (2019). Removal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances using super-fine powdered activated carbon and ceramic membrane filtration. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 366, 160-168.
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  • Stratton G.R., Dai F., Bellona C.L., Holsen T.M., Dickenson E.R.V., Mededovic Thagard S. (2017). Plasma-based water treatment: Efficient transformation of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in prepared solutions and contaminated groundwater. Environmental Science & Technology, 51, 1643-1648.
  • Shahmansouri, A., Jin, L., Min, J. and Bellona, C. (2015). Feasibility of Extracting Valuable Minerals from Desalination Concentrate: A Comprehensive Literature Review. Journal of Cleaner Production, 100, 4-16.
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  • Bellona, C., Drewes, J. E., Xu, P., and Amy, G. 2004. Factors affecting the rejection of organic solutes during NF/RO treatment – a literature review. Water Research, 38, 2795-2809.