Continuity of Teaching and Learning

In the event that normal campus operations or activities are disrupted for an extended period of time due to emergencies — including Coronavirus (COVID-19) —  information, resources and strategies are available to assist with continuing teaching and learning primarily in an online environment. The information below has been designed to help you get started with training and resources to support the transition to teaching online. 

Our immediate goal is to allow the completion of the semester via an engaging, high-quality experience. Please note: This is an extraordinary circumstance and the resources and strategies collected here do not replace Mines’ standard faculty development expectations for teaching fully-online.

Remote Delivery Guidelines

Mines is asking all instructors to follow these guidelines for remote delivery. Please note that you may be prompted to login to Canvas.

Additional Resources

This Canvas course provides additional resources for accomplishing key tasks online. Please note that you may be prompted to login to Canvas.

Remote Teaching Strategy

Do you have a remote teaching success strategy to share?

Support and Resources

Virtual Support

Welcome back to the Mines Virtual Campus! As classes begin in a fully remote environment on Monday, March 30, please know we are here to support you. Mines has a variety of technology support resources available for you. From step-by-step guides to one-on-one help via phone, email, and virtual chat/meetings, we are here to answer your questions and provide the support you need. 

Contact us for immediate technical support at 303-384-2345 or chat with us (7AM7PM Monday-Friday and 7AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday)If you’re having any other concerns (non-technical)raise your hand and let us know. 

Additional Resources and Support: 

Trefny Center Support

The Trefny Center is here to help you with pedagogy, online course design, multimedia, and assessment strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please visit our Need Support page for contact information. 

Zoom Tutorials

Zoom Main Links

Joining a Meeting

View a short tutorial on joining a Zoom meeting.

Please note: You may receive Zoom invite information via calendar invites, Canvas announcements, emails, or link to a webpage that you would just click. The link will look like similar to this:       Password:######

Scheduling a Meeting

View a short tutorial on scheduling a Zoom meeting.

Hosting a Meeting

View a short tutorial on hosting a previously scheduled Zoom meeting.

Recording a Lecture 

View a short tutorial on pre-recording a Zoom lecture.

Mines’ instructor, Jeffrey Ackerman, also recorded a video on how to record a lecture/meeting via Zoom and create a link to share with students (via Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or YouTube).

Securing your Zoom Room

Zoom comes pre-stocked with numerous security features designed to control online classrooms, prevent disruption, and help educators effectively teach remotely. Here are some best practices for securing your virtual classroom using Zoom.

Additional Resources

To find even more resources, visit the Zoom Quick Links document for ideas.

Canvas and Zoom Status Updates
Last updated 6/1/2020 – Keep checking back for updates!